Rakuten Rewards (formerly known as Ebates) – How to Get Cashback on Your Purchases.

I am sure you like shopping. Most of the people do. However, if you are not using the Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) you are leaving your money on the table. 

Rakuten offers its customers a share of commissions that the retailers pay them. Retailers pay Rakuten percentage from the sale driven from Rakuten website. Rakuten in its turn shares it with you, if you use the link on Rakuten site to access the retailer.

If you use Rakuten, you basically need go to their site, click on the retailer you want and start shopping. That’s it, as simple as that. 

Rakuten, has more than 12 million registered users in the US and over their existence gave back customers more than $1 billion. They have more than 2,500 merchants registered on their website. Chances are they have 99% of your favorite merchants, so why not get your share of the cashback? Still better than not getting anything. 

Just to give you an idea. Their cashback rates change daily and what I have noticed is that their cashbacks are highest around holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Some of the cashback rate samples from my favorite merchants (again they change daily): 

Macys – 12% (highest I’ve ever seen)

Kohl’s – 10%

Adidas – 12%

Bloomingdales – 8%

Samsonite – 20% 

Expedia – 6%

Booking.com – 10%


So what that means is that if you go to Macy’s through the link from Rakuten website for every $100 spent you will receive $12 (please check current rate). 

Rakuten makes it easy to shop and also provides current discount coupons for your shopping. When you check their cashback rates please don’t forget to check the coupons as well. 

Rakuten also has a section that shows the double rates. These are the regular rates that Rakuten doubles for a period of time. E.g. if Macy’s pays 4% cashback regularly on the purchase, during promotions this rate will increase to 8%. 

Rakuten makes it easy not to forget that you can earn you cashback on your purchase. You can install Rakuten button which will remind you to activate the deal. You can also download their app. 

Now you might have a legitimate question: What if I don’t like shopping online and prefer at store? Fear not, Rakuten has got you covered. You can link your payment card and make payments at the merchants you like and will still get paid. 

Over my registration (4 years) I have earned approximately $900. Your payments are added at the end of each quarter and once you earn more than $5 you will receive a check or get deposit at your PayPal account. Its up to you how you want to be reimbursed. 

Rakuten also offers their credit card with the following conditions: 

Key benefits include:

  • You’ll earn an extra 3% Cash Back on Rakuten purchases, and 1% on purchases everywhere else Visa credit cards are accepted
  • Unlike many credit card programs, the Cash Back you can earn is unlimited
  • The additional Cash Back you earn by using your Card is deposited directly in your Rakuten account and paid out in the form of a Big Fat Check or PayPal payment
  • You’ll receive a First Purchase Bonus after your first Rakuten Cash Back Visa® Credit Card purchase.
  • There is no annual fee
  • You’ll be covered under Visa Zero Fraud Liability and Visa Return Protection

For up to date terms and conditions please visit Rakuten. I have not signed up for their credit card, so I cannot suggest how it works and whether I am happy or not. However, I am an active user of Rakuten cashback services and am quite happy with the results. 

I also included the print screen from my account, just in case you are interested. 

I invite you to check Rakuten website and if you find it appealing sign up. If you sign up using my link both of us will be rewarded. 

Good Luck!

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