About Me

Hello Everyone! 

First of all, I want to thank you for visiting my blog. In today’s digital world you have lot of options, and I do appreciate you stopping by. 

I moved to the US in 2011 at time when financial crisis was plateauing, in between interviews and job search I quickly realized one thing that I am sure you know yourself. We earn a definite amount of money and live in a world with infinite spending possibilities. Everyone wants to take a piece of our hard-earned money. How do we respond? By making educated decisions, saving on our everyday spending’s and multiply our saving by investing it. 

I think at this point you figured out the main theme of my blog – personal finance and your financial well-being. We live in an age of information overload; we have a lot of information sources and frequently forget it. We also live in a very innovative world, everyday there are innovative services and products introduced to make our lives easier.

I want to build this blog to become a useful place for you to learn about some of the products and services that can save or multiply your money. At times your reaction will be like this: I know this already. Other times your reaction will be: oh, I did not know that, let me try this.

I welcome all readers, but will cater the content to the immigrants. As an immigrant myself, I believe we should be helping each by sharing our experience and knowledge, leading to better integration in the society that welcomed us and establishing better lives.   

I know we are all busy, so I will try to keep my post short and to the point. Also, as you realized I am an immigrant and will be recording videos for my YouTube channel in three languages, in English, Georgian and Russian. But I want to emphasize that my blog is for anyone who wants to learn about the ways to save money and then multiple. 

Few of my sample topics will spin around on how to: 

  1. Find good deals on products and services
  2. How to get maximum possible cashbacks for your product or service purchases
  3. How to save on medical needs
  4. How to choose banking products 
  5. How to invest your money with simple strategies
  6. Price comparison tools
  7. Other useful personal finance information

The list above is just a sample of some of the topics I will cover. 

Last but not the least, in a spirit of full disclosure, I am not a CPA, Tax Professional, Accountant or Financial planner. What I am going to share on this blog is my personal experience and not an advice. Everyone’s financial situation is different and if you need a professional evaluation you should talk to professionals. 

I believe in sharing the knowledge. If you have an interesting strategy on how to save or invest money, please share it with me so that we can spread the world. 

P.S. Occasionally you might see some referral links, allowing me to get small commission in case you decide to use the product. This will allow me to keep this blog running. No pressure, you are free to make your choice and remember, no matter who tells you what you are the decision maker and you are responsible for your future.

Thanks and I hope you will enjoy the content.